Adriana Panting was a part of the Inner Resources practicum for two years (2017-2019). She began as a practicum student and advanced to lead as a student supervisor and practicum coordinator. Her efforts during her involvement with the practicum reflected her focuses on program development and administration in addition to serving historically marginalized groups such as ethnoracial minorities and those with serious mental illness. As a new practicum student she led groups for monolingual spanish speakers at a local community mental health center and for individuals with serious mental health issues at a county health homeless clinic in San Jose. As a student supervisor, she supervised a group led in Spanish for community members of San Mateo. 


Other than her work as a practicum student and student supervisor, notable contributions Adriana has made to the field of mindfulness and meditation include translation with cultural consideration of the Inner Resources protocol to Spanish. It is currently being used at community mental health clinics in the Bay Area. She has also co-authored a book chapter on the role that mindfulness can have in the peacebuilding process. Adriana will be completing her doctoral internship at the Community Health Awareness Council where she hopes to continue to develop her skills as a mindful clinician and student supervisor in addition to providing mindfulness services to marginalized groups.

She offers Inner Resources groups in English and Spanish.

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