Hilary Meyer Rosenberg is currently on internship in San Francisco at California Pacific Medical Center, working in the specialty area of Health Psychology. Hilary participated in the Inner Resources clinical practicum between 2015-2018, and was a student supervisor for the latter two years. Hilary has a passion for conceptualizing and adapting mindfulness approaches to be employed in quick-paced medical and hospital settings (San Francisco VA, Tenderloin Health Services primary care), particularly for patients with medical illness. In this vein, she has implemented groups as well as individualized mindfulness interventions for patients with conditions such as chronic pain and cardiovascular disease as well as depression and trauma diagnoses. Hilary has also led presentations and trainings for clinicians on mindfulness, at San Francisco VA, Tenderloin Health Services (part of HealthRight360), and AACI (Asian Americans for Community Involvement).

On the research side, Hilary has focused on exploring the underpinning mechanisms of mindfulness – that is, how does mindfulness actually work? Hilary is particularly interested in physiological and cognitive mechanisms of mindfulness. She published with Dr. Waelde an article exploring the impact of an Inner Resources intervention on diurnal cortisol slope, and her dissertation examines differences between two different 10-minute mindfulness interventions (focused attention vs. open monitoring mindfulness) on decentering outcomes, which is the ability to view one’s thoughts as passing mental events rather than objective truth or reality.      

Please feel free to reach out to Hilary (hmeyer@paloaltou.edu) with any questions about mindfulness for patients with medical issues/in medical settings or research about mechanisms of mindfulness and/or decentering. She is also happy to discuss her experience with Inner Resources in general!

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