Students in the Meditation and Psychology emphasis take 1 – 3 years of related practicum training.  In these practica, students can work with children and adults in hospital, clinic, and community-based settings and in the Inner Resources Center, a specialty clinic of the Kurt and Barbara Gronowski Center.

Recent practicum experiences include teaching meditation to:


  • Persons with serious mental illness in community mental health settings

  • Older adults in community settings

  • College students who want to cope better with stress

  • Clients of the Gronowski Psychology Center

  • Persons with substance use disorders in community mental health settings

  • Unemployed, low SES adults

  • Bereaved parents

  • Health and mental health professionals who want to use meditation for self- and patient care

  • Youth is community elementary schools


Relevant dissertation research is broadly related to the influence of mind-body factors on health, disorder, and resiliency. Dissertation research can address a broad range of variables that are related to coping, health, resiliency, and adjustment, or internal resources that humans bring to bear on challenges and stressors, including spirituality, religious participation, hypnotizability, posttraumatic growth, coping, and resiliency.


The Meditation and Psychology Area of Emphasis (M&P AofE) now offers a certificate in recognition of your training and supervised experience in the use of mindfulness and meditation in psychology. 


Application to the Meditation and Psychology Area of Emphasis is required for those who have taken PRAC 815 02/03 Supplemental Practicum. It is available to those who have graduated no earlier than Spring 2019.

Students in the Meditation and Psychology Emphasis complete the requirements for generalist training in the APA-accredited Ph.D. program. In addition, they complete a minimum of one year of clinical practicum elective training and a dissertation on a topic broadly related to mind-body and resiliency factors in health, well-being, and growth.


Steps to receive certificate:

  1. Apply for the M&P AofE: 

    1. Complete at least one year of PRAC 815 02/03 Supplemental Practicum: Psychoeducation Groups.

    2. Complete a dissertation proposal broadly related to the M&P AofE. When the dissertation doesn't directly concern these topics, the study implications for these topics are considered in the Discussion. 

    3. Submit the "Application for the Meditation and Psychology Area of Emphasis."

  2. Apply to receive your Meditation and Psychology Certificate of Completion:

    1. Complete the requirements for the M&P AofE (PRAC 815 02/03 Supplemental Practicum, internship, final dissertation defense)